How to Attract a Girl Using Body Language

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attracting girls using body languageWomen have various preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. Some women prefer men who have good looks; others would go for rich men. There are also women who get attracted to confident men who are not necessarily good-looking. It isn’t just about looks when you are trying to attract a woman. You can do it through effective communication. When we say communication, it could either be verbal or non-verbal. When you do it with your gestures then that’s body language. So how can you get a woman you are interested in using body language? Let’s take a look at the following tips on how to attract a girl using body language.

  • Be confident. You’ve got to be comfortable with what you are doing. If you aren’t confident, you becomefidgety and you lose composure. You need to control your movements so that you will be able to attract her. Shake off your insecurities.
  • Establish eye contact. When you establish eye contact and she doesn’t break it, that could mean she is interested in you.
  • Be comfortable. Along with confidence, you should be able to move freely. Watch your movements. Don’t be too conscious.
  • Approach her with utmost respect. But when you talk to her, you should pay attention to points where you can gently touch her.
  • Flash a nice and sweet smile. It makes a big difference. You can do it even if you are at a distance.
  • Get close to her. Maintain your closeness. Invade a little space of the woman.
  • Maintain a warm and welcoming voice. It can turn a woman on.

It is also important to maintain a good posture. Remember that visual signs send sexual cues to a woman.




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Signs of Attraction from Women Says:June 20th, 2011 at 6:18 am

[…] that they are interested. They make obvious signs to show off. That’s why we have the so-called body language. On the other hand, women are more subtle in expressing their attraction and interest to the […]

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