How to Ask Someone to Marry You?

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marriage proposalThere are many unique ways to do your marriage proposal. However, before your marriage proposal you tend to be nervous and you run out of ideas.  What makes you nervous?  Is it the thought that you are going to tie the knot or you are worried that she will reject your proposal?  You’ve got to face your fears and try your luck before you lose your chance.

Take time to read the following tips for you to be able to have bright ideas about your manner of proposal.

  • Look for signs that she is ready to settle down and that she is only waiting for you to say the words.  If you’ve been in a long term relationship, you probably know your partner well. One of the signs is she fantasizes about weddings.
  • Just relax.  Don’t think that she will reject your proposal because you are not rich for as long as you really love her and you are ready to face the responsibilities that go with getting married.
  • In getting someone to marry you, you need to be sincere of your intentions.  It should be out of love and not because of something else.
  • Rehearse your lines so you can evaluate if your proposal will be pleasing or not.
  • Think of a significant place for your proposal to make it memorable for both of you.
  • Get the perfect engagement ring.  It should come in a presentable box.
  • Ask her to marry you personally.  Get down on one knee to make it sweeter.  Don’t do it though the phone or through Facebook otherwise it will sound as if you are just joking around.
  • Inform her parents and ask their blessings so that you will not have worries.  If you know that they are in favor of your decision that will be a relief.

If you can do it sincerely then there will be no reason that she won’t marry you.




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