How to Ask a Woman Out over the Phone

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man asking a woman over the phoneOne good sign that a woman wants to have a connection with you is when she gives her number to you. There’s a big possibility that you she is interested to communicate with you. Moreover, the use of telephones and mobile phones for communication has been the trend over the past years. It is totally fine to use it to get to know someone and you can also make use of it to ask someone out over the phone. However, it is still much better to ask a woman out personally to show that courtesy. On the other hand, if you don’t have the courage and guts to go to her and ask her personally, you can ask her out by calling or texting her. Learn some tips to do it. Check the following instructions.

  • Find a good timing. Call at a decent hour of the day when you think she is likely available. Try calling her on weekends or on weekdays call her between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. at night. In case she isn’t free, learn how to apologize for disturbing her.
  • Have a brief and simple conversation with him. Start with a simple but nice greeting. Ask how her day went. Talk about the things she did for the day.
  • Try to cheer her up if you feel she is sad. Share your jokes to make her laugh and to make her feel better.
  • If you feel it’s time to ask her out, then go directly to the point. Tell her you want to continue your conversation over a coffee or lunch. Let her decide for the time.

Let this manual help you in asking a woman out over the phone. Good luck!




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