How to Ask a Girl to Move in with You

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How to Ask a Girl to Move in with YouWhen things get serious in a relationship, some couples decide to live together. Moving in can actually bring you closer together. It is a serious decision. However, cohabiting is not a moral act. It is not good in the eyes of God but a lot of couples are now into this kind of relationship. One of the reasons they have is that they want to test their compatibility before they decide to settle down. If you feel like you want to live with your girlfriend but you aren’t sure if she is going to say yes, then you might as well want to spend some time reading the following tips on how to ask a girl to move in with you.

  • Before you even ask your girlfriend to move in with you, you need to think carefully first. Is this something that you really want to do? Think about the possible consequences of doing this act. Consider the values and beliefs of your partner. If it’s against her beliefs, you should not try convincing her.
  • Tell your partner why you are considering living with her. You should be clear with your motives and intentions for your proposal to cohabitate. If you think it’s going to make your relationship even stronger, well, you might get a yes.
  • Check your finances. Are you financially ready for this set-up? If you aren’t, then you should not do it as you might just regret in the end.
  • Make sure that you are also physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for this kind of commitment. It is not an easy game so you need to be ready for big matters.
  • Check your compatibility. The time that you have spent together can determine if you can reconcile your differences.

Your relationship can become different once you move in together. Living together is a big decision that you make and you should not take it for granted.




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