How to Approach a Cute Girl

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Approaching a Cute GirlWhen you are a little intimidated, you lose composure and confidence and you find yourself weak.  You just can’t decide how to react.  You don’t know what to do.  You run out of ideas. YOU are simply nervous!  This happens when you are struck by someone or something.  Due to your amazement, you seem to lose your mind. Seeing a cute girl at the mall or at the gym sometimes gives you this feeling.  You want to approach her and talk to her but you don’t know how to get started.  It might be helpful to take a look at the following ideas.

  • If you are at party or at the bar and you spotted a woman who has the beauty that you can’t resist, you can go closer to her and offer her a drink.  That could be a start of something new.  You can introduce yourself. Be nice in doing so.  Smile and be tender with your words. If she accepts your offer, that’s a good sign.  If she doesn’t, well at least you have caught her attention already.
  • If you are at a class, try to observe her actions first.  Does she need anything that you have?  It’s your chance to be her hero.  Give her the thing she needs.  That could be your head start since she owes you.  Since you belong to the same school and class, you have a great chance of meeting her again.
  • If you see her at her job and she really looks stunning and smart, pretend to ask something that you don’t know. Keep on asking but not to the point that you are already a big distraction.  Treat her for a cup of coffee afterwards to thank her.
  • If she’s a popular model and you are just an ordinary guy, you need to think of really a good way to make her notice you.  Find a way to get close to her.  Befriend one of her friends so that you will have a passport to meeting her. You can also join her club if she has any.  Try to make a good impression.  It may not last but at least you have a good start.

Whatever strategy or technique you use to approach women, it is important that you look presentable and you have to watch your behavior.  Don’t go beyond your limitations.




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Date: March 26, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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