How to Act on a Movie Date

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act on movie dateA movie date is a great opportunity to know the person you are dating with well. It gives you the chance to test how you really feel for the person when you are in close proximity. It is also an opportunity for you to explore the other side of your date. If you are uncertain on how to act on a movie date, then check the following tips and instructions on how to do it.

  • Keep your dress or clothes casual. Wear something you are comfortable with. Avoid wearing revealing clothes if you are dating for the first time to avoid discomfort and malicious tendencies.
  • Smell good. Spray some perfume or cologne because you will need to sit closer to your date. You might want to at least impress the person with your smell.
  • If you initiated the date, buy the movie tickets. Bring enough money to pay for the tickets and some snacks, too. Don’t starve your date to death. Having something to munch makes watching even more fun.
  • Initiate physical contact by holding your date’s hand. This could be a good start of intimacy. If you have been dating for quite a long time, a soft kiss on the cheek or lip would be fine. It’s acceptable.
  • Avoid being too aggressive when inside the movie house. Respect your date if you want to gain respect.
  • Avoid asking stupid questions like asking the number of movies the person has seen.
  • Thank your date after the movie.

A movie day is a great day for lovers. It’s a great way to spend a day together. Check other how-to manual sources for further tips.




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Date: June 21, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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