How not to be Nervous on a Date

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guy is nervous on his first date with a girlGoing on a date could really make you feel nervous and shy, especially when you are dating for the first time. You experience butterflies in your stomach. You also tend to become shy and nervous at the same time. When you are nervous, tendencies are you will not enjoy your date and you might also turn your date bad. How can you lessen the nervousness that you feel? Take a look at the following tips on how not to be nervous on a date.

  • Be yourself. Don’t concentrate on how you can best present yourself. When you get too worried with what you wear, the more that you will feel nervous. Just wear anything that makes you feel at ease. Don’t think of what the person might say.
  • Have self-esteem. Feel good about yourself. One way of preventing nervousness is being confident. Have faith in yourself.
  • Think of the date as a way of testing your compatibility. If you concentrate much on winning the person, you will really be nervous. The pressure that you feel will be lessened if you don’t worry much about how the date is going to end.
  • Plan ahead. Once you got a good plan for everything, you will be confident enough to deal with your date, thus, lessening the pressure.
  • Don’t focus on impressing your date. The more that you feel pressured the more that you will have butterflies in your stomach.
  • Start with a light conversation. Get to know each other and try to establish a good connection between the two of you.
  • Choose a good date time and be on time or even earlier. Don’t be late because that will cause you nervousness.

Don’t let your nervousness and worries ruin a good opportunity for you to be with a person who has potentials to be your partner. Good luck!




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Date: July 28, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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