How do you Know when to Give up on a Relationship

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girlfriend is giving up on relationshipRelationships are put to test to see how your love can survive in difficult times.  Tests or challenges have many faces.  They are of various looks and if you are not careful enough you’d end up weak and helpless.  However, when you are facing challenges, it does not mean that you need to give up and consider break up.  Separation is not always the answer to problems.  But there are instances where in one needs to step out of the relationship.

When to Give up in a Relationship?

Giving up is really crucial.  It is a serious thing because it would mean being away from the person you love.  How do you know when to give up on love?  There are obvious signs that your relationship is in trouble and that you could no longer be together.  Take a look at the following instances:

  • If you find that your partner deliberately hurts you physically and emotionally then it is best to step out of the relationship.  You deserve someone else who sees your worth as a partner.
  • Consider how your relationship affects your everyday life. Can you live a productive and happy life in your relationship or is it getting between you and your work, you and your friends, and you and your family?  If your answer is yes then it’s best to take a careful look into the kind of relationship you have.  If you find it unhealthy, give it up.  Should you give up on marriage like this?  Yes! But as much as possible, try to work things out.  If you can kiss and make up your relationship then you’re one of a kind.
  • You don’t enjoy your partner’s intimacy or your physical relations.  Your sexual satisfaction is one of the foundations of a good relationship.  If it starts to get cold, it indicates that what you have is about to collapse.  You no longer have the warm and strong connection or correlation. Maybe it’s time to give up.
  • Mutual discussions no longer working.  What happened to your compatibility?  This shows that your partner no longer cares in sorting things out.
  • Trust and respect are gone.       Once you cannot trust and respect your partner anymore, your relationship will start to fall.  No relationship can survive without these. Distrust usually develops between lovers who are into a long distance relationship. Trust is a very important link between the two of you.

Giving up may not be easy but some circumstances lead you to it. Don’t stick together just for the sake of it.  You should be together because you love each other and you are happy.






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