How do I Know if I’m Ready for Marriage?

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ready for marriage or notMarriage is a very serious commitment. It is a lifetime commitment. Once you’re in it, you have to stick with it. Unluckily, many marriages have been broken due to several factors. That’s the reason why you need to assess yourself if you are ready for it before you even think of entering this kind of commitment.

Now let’s try to determine whether you are ready for it or not. But how do I know if I’m ready for marriage or not?  Take a look at the following:

  • If you feel that you want to settle down, then you must be ready for marriage. You get excited with the thought that you have someone to sleep with and to wake up with.
  • You have a good and stable job. When planning to settle down, you have to consider your resources. You need to be financially ready because if you aren’t you will face financial issues in the future which will lead to conflict.
  • You need to be emotionally ready. If you think and feel that you are ready to perform duties and responsibilities of a wife/ husband then you must be ready.
  • You are excited to have babies. This is also a sign that you are ready for marriage because you don’t see it as a burden.
  • You love the person even after seeing his/her worst side.
  • You don’t see marriage as something that will supress your freedom. You see it as something to look forward to.
  • There are no doubts in your mind. You are confident that the person is really the one for you.
  • You have reached maturity. You can decide on your own. You know what you are doing. You understand why things happen.

There’s no need to rush into marriage. Take your time to think about it. Take things slow and just be patient. Besides, it will be worth it.




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