How do Children Affect Marriages?

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How do Children Affect Marriages? One of the reasons why people get married is to have kids. Having children can actually give a sense of fulfillment. Children can make life even more meaningful. They are precious gems of couples. They are the source of happiness of a family. Having children can really have huge effects on the life of a married couple. When kids are there already, there’s a need for couples to make necessary adjustments for many aspects.  How are couples affected by the presence of children?

One of the major effects of having kids is financial issues. It’s a fact that we need money to survive. Once kids are there and they start going to school, couples will have to make ends meet. They need to be financially wise in order for them to survive. Everything that a child needs costs money-from clothing down to the toys. You cannot provide their basic needs without money. There’s a need for you to spend your money wisely. You have to consider that you don’t only work for yourself but for your children as well.

Children can also bring couples even closer. Their bond becomes even stronger when you feed or play with the baby together. But there are cases wherein couples tend to have an emotional gap when they start raising kids. One parent has the tendency to compete for affection from a child. This can cause trouble in a marriage.

Having kids can also cause trouble when parents compete on how to deal with their kids. You don’t always agree with one another. You might undermine or override one another.

Intimacy is also affected when kids are there already. Usually after giving birth, the woman gains weight and this makes her feel less confident and she might shy away from intimacy with her husband. One parent may also feel tired taking care of the children and no more time for bedroom moments. Intimacy is affected when you value it so much but because of the children you can no longer enjoy it.

When these problems or issues seem to consume your marriage, you should seek counseling so you can find ways on how to address them. Divorce or separation is not always the answer.




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Date: September 29, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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