Good Ways to Cuddle with your Partner

  posted by: Amber Ford



woman cuddling her partnerCuddling is a part of an intimate relationship. It is a great way of expressing your love to the person you love. It also establishes a closer connection between couples because of the hormone called oxytocin or cuddling hormone. This is the positive side of cuddling.

Cuddling should not only be done to initiate something deeper like making love. Don’t just cuddle with your partner just to make out. Kissing and cuddling without having sex is much sweeter. For older couples, they often cuddle to comfort each other. Most of them seldom make love that’s why you often find them cuddling. What are some of the best ways to cuddle with your partner? Let’s take a look at the following cute and great ways to cuddle with your partner:

  • While you are watching a movie and you are seated in a couch, you can do the so-called couch cuddle. This can be done by lying on one side with legs bent to fit on the couch and the other one should fit into the contour of the partner’s body. If I am not mistaken, this is also similar to spooning. The person in the outer side wraps his/ her arms tightly around the person in the inside.
  • Wrap your arms around her waist while you are sitting on a sofa. Draw her closer to you so that she will be able to rest her head on your chest or shoulders. You can also hold her hand as you whisper sweet nothings to her ears. Plant soft kisses on her hair. This is a very easy but good method to express your love and desires.
  • Face each other and lock your legs around each other. This is called a full-body embrace. Your arms are free to touch your partner’s face. This could lead to something more intimate.
  • Another way to cuddle is to lay your head down on your partner’s lap or tummy as you discuss some things about your relationship or about anything else. This is a very healthy and sweet way of talking.

There are different ways that you can utilize to cuddle with your partner and make him/ her feel that he/ she is loved. Although men are not so much into cuddling, you should still do this with your woman. Don’t be selfish to your woman. Don’t worry as you don’t look funny when you do it.




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One Response

C c s Says:February 18th, 2013 at 8:37 pm

How my boyfriend and I cuddle is that in the car when we are talking about whatever I lay my head on his shoulder and he leans his head on my head, so we are kind of stacking heads. This is cute and then he plays with my hair!

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