Good Reasons to Break up with a Man

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Good Reasons to Break up with a ManMaking a decision to break up with your partner is not easy. Putting an end to a relationship is never an easy decision to make. No matter how you try to lighten the situation, you will not be able to spare the person from pain. This is reality. There are things that must come to an end. There are things that do not last for long. When breaking up with a person, you must be clear with your reasons. You must avoid leaving the person hanging without any idea why you opted to leave him/ her. What are some good reasons to break up with a person? Check the following list of good reasons to break up with a man.

  • Infidelity. Discovering that your partner is cheating on you is very painful. It feels like your heart is being stabbed a thousand times, especially if you are very much in love with the person. When you have enough proof that your man is guilty of infidelity, it’s already a good ground for breakup.
  • Violence. If he is physically or emotionally violent, you must step out of the relationship right away. There’s no need for you to explain further. Save yourself from further pain. Don’t wait for him to get used to hurting you.
  • Manipulative. Is he domineering in your relationship? Does he try to control everything? If your answer is yes, then you’ve got a man who is manipulative. It’s not healthy to be with a partner like this. You will be suffocated. Everyone needs some space to breathe. Don’t let him control your life. You should be the pilot of your own life.
  • Selfishness. Your man no longer respects your rights and individuality. He wants to run the relationship in his way. He doesn’t care about your feelings. He doesn’t care about your thoughts.

There you go! Free yourself from the arms of a guy who has these traits and live your life without worries and fears.




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