Flirting Tips for Women

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flirting tips for womenFlirting is an art that you have to learn and master if you are into attracting a man or woman of your choice. It isn’t the most important but it is one of the things that you have to learn in order to win someone you are interested in. Women have the power to seduce men without doing anything seductive. Their natural charisma is simply irresistible. However, you can enhance your chance of winning someone you like if you can follow some flirting tips for women. These tips include the following:

  • Repeated contact. Look at him for at least three times. The first glance would make him notice you are looking at him. The second one will make him realize that you are actually looking at him and he will be pleased. The third one will be you step to move closer to him. You can compliment his shirt or tie.
  • Move closer. Build an eye contact then break it. Take a glance down at his lips to indicate that you are open to a kiss!
  • Impressive eyes. Make your eyes impressive by wearing stylish eye makeup because men tend to fall for beautiful eyes.
  • Get the right earrings. Choose dangling earrings to draw his attention to the curves of your ears.
  • Whisper to his ears. When you want to tell something, instead of saying it aloud, it’s much sweeter to whisper to his ears. You can appreciate his get up or anything that could catch his attention.
  • Smile a lot. Displaying a happy face can make a difference. Show to him that you’re cheerful and amicable.
  • Magic touch. Touch his arm gently. Just give him lighter pats.
  • Wear confidence. You should feel good about yourself. Think that you are beautiful and that you are loveable. Love yourself first. Your positive vibes will attract him more. Having confidence is actually one of the most important dating tips for women.
  • Look over your shoulder and then look at him. This is also a sign that you are interested in him.

Flirting is fun but know your limitations as you might send wrong messages to other men. Be subtle when you do it but make sure that you look irresistible in the eyes of the man you are interested in.




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Date: April 26, 2011 | Category: Flirting
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