Facts on Marriages

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fact about marriageA marriage is a very sacred thing for Christians. It is given a high regard and believers really respect the sanctity of marriage. This sacred union between a man and a woman who are bound to love each other is now in great danger. There are practices in the modern times that disrespect this thing. We have the so-called divorce, cohabitation, and pre-marital sex. These things are signs that people nowadays no longer give a high regard on marriage. Besides these things, what are some other pieces of information that we should know about it? Have a look at the list of facts on marriages.

  • The average married couple spends few minutes alone together due to kids, jobs, duties and responsibilities at home, computers, and other things.
  • The average couple make love 58 times in a year.
  • During the ancient times, bridesmaids would be dressed in similar-like gown to deceive rival suitors, robbers, and evil spirits.
  • The term groom is from the old English guma which means “man”.
  • The divorce risk is higher when the woman is much older than the man.
  • People who get marry before their 25th birthday have higher risk of divorce.
  • The word marriage is derived from the Latin word mas which means masculine or male.
  • A marriage ceremony is sealed with a kiss because contracts used to be sealed with a kiss in Rome and marriage is a contract.
  • Fatter waistlines of wives decrease the sexual attraction in a marriage.
  • A marriage with low sexual activity has higher risk of divorce.
  • A big percentage of married couples have had premarital sex.
  • Good sex has a positive effect on marriage.

Here are some facts about marriage. Avoid the ones that may ruin yours.




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