Duties of Married Couples

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duties of married couplesDuring the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange vows in front of the officiating minister or priest, including the chosen witnesses. They actually vow to stick together in sickness or in health, and for better or worse. This means no matter what happens, they should stay stick together and that they should love each other under any circumstances. Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. Married couples should only be separated by the death of either of the couple. However, we now have divorce and annulment. These two processes can unloose the tie that binds the couple together.

On the other hand, while you are still in a marriage, you’ve got to know the things that you should do. Your duties are beyond the physical ones. Check the list of responsibilities and duties of married couples.

  • Intimacy. Once you get married with someone, one of your roles to play is to fulfill your partner’s physical needs. Romance is a basic need. In a marriage, you should perform your duties in bed. Lovemaking should not be neglected. When you engage in this sexual activity with your spouse, you’ve got to have the desire. You should not think of it as a mere obligation because you won’t definitely enjoy it.
  • Love. If there’s someone who should love you with who you are, that should be your spouse. Remember that marriage is a union of affection and heart. Love your wife or husband sincerely and constantly. The love you have for your partner should be genuine and unconditional.
  • Devotion. You should commit your whole self to your spouse and your relationship. Love your partner wholeheartedly and be faithful. Don’t entertain temptations that may ruin your relationship. Your heart should be for your spouse only.
  • Live harmoniously. It is the duty of married couples to live together harmoniously. There should be peace and harmony at home.
  • Share responsibilities. Both should have roles to play to make the marriage work. There should be clear agreement between the couple. It is the husband’s primary duty to provide the needs of his family and the wife should keep the home a healthy place to live in. The wife should protect the dignity of her husband. She should not involve herself in any attachment to other men.

When married couples perform their duties and obligations well, the relationship will be smooth and healthy. There may be problems but not the ones that could put the marriage at risk.




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