Dealing with a Possessive Husband

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Dealing with a Possessive HusbandDealing with a possessive man in your life is quite difficult. You experience headaches and tortures that can drive you crazy. Possessiveness is associated with jealousy. A person becomes possessive when he/ she feels jealous. It may also be a result of insecurity. A possessive man has the tendency to monitor the things you do or worse, he spies on you when you go out of the house. This is really annoying and unhealthy. It can make anyone feel sick knowing that your every move is being watched. Moreover, a very possessive man has the tendency to abuse a woman physically. This will make the situation even more complicated to handle and difficult to deal with. If your spouse is like this, then you’ve got to learn some tips on dealing with a possessive husband.

  • Don’t let him manipulate you. Don’t fall into his traps or schemes. Fight the urge to believe in everything he tells you. It may all be a part of his dirty plan.
  • Talk to him. Explain that you need your space in order for you to breathe. Let him realize that you are a married couple but it isn’t healthy to spend all your time with each other. There are things that need to be done aside from being together. There’s more to life than just cuddling with your partner and meeting his/ her needs.
  • Help him focus with a thing that interests him. When his attention is divided between you and his interest that would be a good way to have a breathing space.

If you have done these things but nothing has changed in the way he deals with you, seek help from a professional marriage counselor to work things out. A simple manual may not be enough to make him realize that it isn’t good to be possessive.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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