Dealing with a Jealous Partner

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woman is jealous with his partnerJealousy isn’t bad. Actually, jealousy is a manifestation of love. You get jealous because you are scared to lose the person you love. You feel jealous because you care.  It only becomes a problem when it is too much and begins to consume the relationship. An overly jealous partner can be manipulative, overly needy, irritating, annoying, and invasive.

What should you do if your husband or wife is overly jealous? Is there anything that you could do to deal with it? It might be helpful to read some tips on dealing with a jealous partner so that you can improve the way your relationship is going.

The first step that you have to take is to communicate with your spouse/ wife/ husband. Coping with jealousy requires communication between the two of you. You need to talk about the problem. Try to figure out why he/ she acts this way. Ask your partner if there’s anything that you could do to get rid of unhealthy jealousy. Express how you feel about the way he/ she acts. You have to be honest with what you truly feel. Be subtle though so that you will not offend your partner. Try not to argue with your partner. As much as possible, stay calm and try to understand him/ her. Don’t ignite the tension between the two of you. Try to explain to your partner that you are not doing anything behind him/ her. Prove him/ her that you are trustworthy. However, you cannot assure him/ her with this if you have made a mistake before. If you have a history on cheating/ betrayal, you will find I hard to gain your partner’s complete trust. Agree with something to solve insecurity issues.

If you want to keep your relationship working, you have to address jealousy issues right away. Communication is always the key to find a solution. Living with someone who doesn’t trust you isn’t healthy so if you feel that there’s something wrong, you must learn ways to deal with the problem. Managing your relationship this way is a great sign of maturity.





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