Dating Tips for Ugly Guys

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dating an ugly guyThe problem with some people is that they have low self-esteem due to their physical appearance. They feel that they are ugly or even the ugliest and this leads to losing self-confidence. They simply feel bad about themselves.  Having this feeling causes socialization problems.  You can’t blame them because some insensitive and tactless people tag them as ugly men or women instead of treating them in a nice manner.  This worsens the situation.  However, you should be stoic so that you won’t be affected by your surroundings.  Nothing will happen to you if you listen to what they say.  You should be inspired by the beautiful and hot girls around you.  It’s time to date man!

Dating Tips for Ugly Men

To help you get started, read the following pieces of dating advice for you to have a greater chance of having a successful date or relationship.

  • Forget about your insecurities.  Bear in mind that the physical appearance isn’t everything.  You can’t deny that it is important for you to attract a certain person but the heart doesn’t always require outer beauty.  If you have this in mind, you’ll be more confident in dealing with women. Build your self-confidence so that women will appreciate you.
  • Be a man full of interesting ideas so that you can carry out good conversations.  A part of you is always better than what others have.  Some men may have the looks that you don’t have but you have something that they don’t have. You have to discover it and show it to the world.
  • Along with having good and interesting ideas, you need to have good communication skills as well.  You need to keep your conversation going.  Insert humors.  Your sense of humor will attract her more.
  • Be a real gentleman in words and actions.  Treat a woman like a very special lady. Women love to be treated like a princess.  You need to make her feel like she is the most important person in your life.
  • Behave appropriately when the girl is around.  Show that you have a good character. Show her that you can be trusted.
  • Be generous of praise.  Compliment her hairstyle and her fashion sense.  This will make the woman feel even better. Even pretty girls need compliments.

Always remember that what is essential is invisible to the eye.  So forget about your insecurities and have fun.  Enjoy dating!




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Date: March 26, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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One Response

Ex-Ugly Guy Says:February 24th, 2013 at 11:06 pm

I am a bit concerned about the common advice that is given to ugly guys. Simply put, it doesn’t work for these people. At best, he would make new friends, but nothing beyond that. I feel that you mean well and are honestly trying to help them. Please, please understand that :). However, many of these romantically handicapped guys have heard that same advice before and it hasn’t worked because some people are simply below the threshold level of physical attractiveness where inner beauty can compensate.

Looks matter vastly more to women than society is willing to admit. The guy would be FAR better off hitting the gym, losing weight/putting on muscle, getting a good haircut for his face, and learning some fashion sense. Contrary to popular belief, looks matter EVEN MORE to women than they do to men! The good news is beauty is made, not inborn, and I’d estimate that roughly 80% of guys can be “hot” if they work at it hard enough. I tried the conventional advice for many years and it simply did not work. Sure, I made many friends, but never was able to go beyond that. Looks are indeed a legitimate stumbling block and I strongly feel that society needs to acknowledge that instead of hiding from the uncomfortable reality. To put it another way, those first 2 years in the gym have been several orders of magnitude more beneficial to my dating life than 21 years of “inner beauty” alone. TWENTY ONE YEARS!! The only thing different between now and then is I look different. My personality is the same. I have the same shortcomings, flaws and insecurities as well as the same positive traits, but the change in my dating life after changing ONLY the cosmetic things has been both SUDDEN and DRAMATIC.

The thing that can help these constantly-rejected men is not “inner beauty”. Many of them have already had a lifetime of practice at that and they are still spinning their wheels going nowhere, getting even more frustrated in the process.

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