Dating Someone with the Same Last Name

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dating someone with same last nameWhen you are dating with someone with the same last name, you feel uncomfortable with it because it’s as if you are dating with a family member.  You need to worry about your blood relation. We are just living in a small world so you never know if you are related by blood or not. Hence, having the same family name is a bit awkward, especially if you are living in a society where in this kind of dating is not the norm. Usually, when you meet somebody with the same family name, you think that you are somehow related by blood, particularly if you are living in the same community or neighborhood.

Pieces of Dating Advice

To avoid facing embarrassing situations, it is important to learn some dating tips for you to have some dating guide when dating someone with the same last name.

  • When you are meeting for the first time, get the person’s phone number use the phone to have a constant communication. Establish a good relationship over the phone.
  • When you feel more comfortable with each other, you may get the person’s address and give a surprise visit.
  • Talk about your family circle. Try to trace your bloodline. Find out if the two of you are related by blood or not before you shift your relationship to a higher level.
  • Avoid being too intimate if you are not yet sure of your relationship.
  • Introduce the person to your family.
  • Spend time together and get to know each other well.
  • Once you have proven that you are not at all related, you can already establish a romantic relationship without thinking about what people might think about it.

Anyone can fall in love with. It just happened that you have fallen for someone with the same last name. There’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t mind the people around you. Just enjoy it!




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Date: April 18, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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