Dating Habits that Women Dislike

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man is late in a date - one bad dating habitsMost men often make mistakes when they go out on their dates. They often neglect the important things. Little did they know that small things matter and that they can contribute to something great. Men should make sure that they are doing the right thing during a date if they want it to be successful. The relationship will not grow if you fail to give importance to things. Impressing the girl you date with is truly necessary to sustain her interest to you. Let’s get to know some dating habits that women dislike.

  • Men without chivalry. We might be living in a modern world now but it is still appreciated when you are a gentleman. Treat your date like a lady. You should be opening doors for her. Pulling out a chair for her is also another way. Moreover, you need to foot the bill on the first date.
  • Self-centered topics. Women would love to talk to their date but if you keep on talking about your life without giving her the chance to share hers, you will end up disappointing her. Let her speak up. Show your willingness of knowing her better. Ask her about the things she likes. A good flow of conversation will help you develop good rapport.
  • Arriving late. Men who can’t tell time are really annoying. If you promised to pick her up at 6:00, be there before or on time. You should show that you keep your words and that you respect other’s time.
  • Men who are inattentive. Admit it that you sometime lose focus because your eyes are wandering. There are guys who can’t help but stare other women. This is actually insulting to your date.

Know your do’s and don’ts when going on a date. Display good attitude and personality and you will be able to make your date a success.




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Date: May 1, 2013 | Category: Dating Tips
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