Dating Guide – How to Date a Virgo Man

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How to Date a Virgo ManVirgo men are perfectionist in nature.  They are difficult to date especially if you know nothing about them.  This is the reason why it is necessary to get to know something about a person prior to your date.  Doing this will help you please the person.  If you know something, at least you know what to do and what not to do. Knowing the person a little in advance can surely tilt the balance in your favor.

Getting to Know the Virgo Man

Below is a list of the general characteristics of a Virgo man.

  • He is the prim and proper one.
  • He is a cleanliness freak. He despises any mess around him.
  • He is difficult to please.
  • He wants a perfect balance in life.
  • He is humble and loves to be of help.

These qualities make a Virgo man differ from other men of various signs like Aries, Leo, and Cancer men.

Dating a Virgo Man

Take a look at the following dating tips to guide you when dating with a Virgo man. They could be used to make him fall in love with you.

  • You can attract him with your looks. You need to be neatly dressed. He likes good looking women so be one. Observe cleanliness.
  • You need to be levelheaded and civilized because he won’t be interested with an empty-headed woman. When going out with him, wear near and decent dresses paired with a nice haircut. You need to have knowledge about some things. Astrology says he is more concerned with cleanliness and intelligence than sex appeal.
  • Prepare to live with his practicality.  Keep your caprices and fantasies to yourself if you don’t want to hear critical remarks from him.  Learn to be practical.  However, you don’t need to worry because he will not fail you with the necessities of life.
  • Be loyal to him in every way.  Don’t try to flirt with someone else.
  • Let him do the details.  He’ll be happy to do it.  Just show your support.
  • Dance with his preferences.  Learn to control yourself. Give in to what he wants.  Once your dating succeeds and you get married, he’ll be a good husband and father.

Love Compatibility

Virgo-Capricorn and Virgo-Scorpio are great pairs.  They tend to be successful.

Dating with someone you like is a great experience.  Making him fall in love with you is even greater. Good luck!





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