Dating Etiquette

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Dating EtiquetteThere are several things to consider as far as dating is concerned. There are rules to follow in order to make first dates successful and there are also safety measures that should be observed. Without the proper knowledge, maintaining a relationship would be much harder. Increase your chance to make your date a success with the so-called dating etiquette. Take a look at the following dating manners.

  • Be courteous and polite. A part of courtesy is arriving early or on time to your meeting place. Avoid keeping your date waiting. Respect other people’s time. If ever you cannot make it on time, you’ve got to inform the person. Find a way to do it.
  • Be appreciative. Compliment your date for the effort. If the person looks good with the way he/ she dresses up, then say it. If you have to thank the person, then say it.
  • Communicate effectively. It is important to express your thoughts and emotions in a nice way so that your date will be interested or entertained. Learn to listen to your date when he/ she is talking.
  • Be honest. When telling details about yourself, you have to be honest. Do not try to fabricate details and stories just for the sake of impression. You also have to be honest after the date. If you don’t want to have another date, the say it.
  • Bring cash. Whoever asks for the date must pay the bill. However, it still depends on your agreement. If you want to chip in, so be it.
  • Be prepared. Wear appropriate clothes for your date.
  • Be a gentleman. This tip is for men. Don’t forget to open doors, pull chairs, and others for the woman.
  • Avoid drinking too much and try to keep your mobile phone away while you are on a date. you also have to smile a lot.

If you can follow the aforementioned list, you’ll have a better chance to start a good relationship with anyone.




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Date: June 24, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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