Dating Etiquette after Spouse Dies

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Dating Etiquette after Spouse DiesLosing someone you love is never easy. It is never easy to accept that your husband or wife is already gone and that you will no longer see him/ her. You are now alone in your battle and you only have the memories that you shared together. When you look back and remember all the good times you shared together, all you could do is cry and grieve all over again. The death of a partner can really cause loneliness and depression especially if you had a happy and good relationship. It is actually one of the most difficult times of our life. It really challenges the strength you have. But the death of your spouse does not mean that it’s the end of your world. At some point, you will miss the feeling of being loved and cared of by a partner. You will need to date again. Before you start dating, there are some things that you have to keep in mind. It’s the so-called dating etiquette after spouse dies.

  • Give yourself time. When your husband or wife died, you felt like you could no longer go on with your life. You need to allow yourself to mourn and grieve for your loss. Wait until you are ready to date again. Just don’t rush in healing the wound within you.
  • Pay respect. Don’t date too soon. Wait for some time so you will be much better in dating. You also have to consider what people might think of you especially your in-laws. Dating a month after your husband or wife dies will cause people to raise their eyebrows.
  • Assess yourself. Determine if you are ready to date again. Do not be a user. Do not date just because you want someone to help you move on. Don’t make the person a rebounder.
  • Be honest. You are in the world of dating again and don’t forget to be honest with your date. Tell the truth about your situation.
  • Consider your kids. Let your children know your plan to date again. Listen to what they would say.
  • Take it slow. You are not in a competition. Just enjoy the company of your date but don’t be too serious at the start of your dating relationship.

Your partner’s memories will always linger. Prepare yourself to encounter problems or issues related with your former marriage. Your new partner might try to compete with a ghost.




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Date: September 26, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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