Dating and Relationship Facts

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dating and relationship factsOne of the nicest experiences in the life of a man or a woman is dating and then later on, being into a relationship. But these two things can also give devastating experiences. It’s hard to keep a relationship and maintain the love you share with your partner. Being unaware of the facts about dating and relationships can decrease the chance of having a good one. It might be helpful to take a look at the following dating and relationship facts.

  • Most women get turned off with men who look unclean, who don’t mind burping in public.
  • Most women pay attention to the clothes men wear. They give importance to the brands of shoes and clothes they wear. These are all significant to women so when you date especially for the first time, impress a woman with the right clothes.
  • Most women don’t show their true colors during the first dates. They are conscious with the way they dress up and the way they eat.
  • Sense and humor plus a great smile can really help in capturing a woman’s heart. Most not so good-looking guys who have these have advantage over handsome guys.
  • Statistics show that the majority of broken relationships are caused by cheating or infidelity. This information is validated by many breakup stories that we have heard.
  • Most men are just afraid to show their weaknesses to their partner.
  • Eye contact is very important in expressing you interest to someone. It is also helpful in catching the attention of someone.
  • Men don’t want a long-term relationship with a woman who is too demanding of time or a woman who is too possessive.
  • Men avoid women who want to commit right away.
  • Women want to look beautiful to keep their man.
  • Lack of intimacy can ruin a relationship or even a marriage. So keep the passion burning if you wish to have your partner for a long time.
  • During first dates, use your date’s name in your conversation to build the connection.
  • Dental hygiene is a big factor in getting a second date.

Having knowledge of the aforementioned facts about dating and relationship will at least help you in keeping the things that may be beneficial to you and getting rid of those that are not.




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