Date Ideas when you are on a Tight Budget

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tight budget dating tipsDo you want to date your sweetheart but on a tight budget? Don’t you worry because you can make it possible even without spending much. Do not think that a great date should have expensive dinner, flowers, precious jewelry, or chocolate. It only requires your creativity and imagination with a touch of romance. As mentioned earlier, you need not spend your paycheck for a month just to make your date wonderful. You can make your date great and memorable with the following date ideas when you are on a tight budget.

  • Watch a movie at home. Pick a movie that suits your taste. If you are into romance, choose a romantic comedy film. I am pretty sure love and laughter will be in the air while watching the movie. Prepare some snack. Cuddle with your partner while you are enjoying the movie. This date idea is romantic as well as relaxing.
  • Prepare a candlelight dinner at home. Prepare dishes that you don’t often have on your dining table to make it special. You don’t need to prepare too many dishes if you really on a tight budget. Just add some touch of romance through the help of candles and then play soft music.
  • Take a walk at the park. It is good to walk at the park in the afternoon when the sun is about to set. You can feast your eyes with the beauty of the gardens there plus you can breathe some fresh air. Bring with you a picnic basket and a mat. Find a nice spot where you can enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t cost you much but you will both enjoy it.
  • Cook together. You can also have a date at the kitchen. Utilize the ingredients that you have in your fridge and in your kitchen. It is a good bonding for couples.

Prove to the world that dating does not really need to be expensive to make it great. You can just stay at home and enjoy each other’s company. What matters most is that you are happy together.




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Date: May 11, 2012 | Category: Dating Tips
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