Date Etiquette for Women

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dating etiquetteEvery society has different cultural norms. There are expected behaviors in every society. For instance, in dating and relationships there are set of standards that you have to follow, especially in ancient times or in traditional societies. On the other hand, there are also rules and expectations in modern culture. We have the so-called dating etiquette. Check the following basic rules and date ideas as part of the date etiquette for women.

  • Be on time. Whether you are dating for the first time or for the second time, it’s a sign of courtesy to show up on time. However, if you think you cannot meet your date on time because of unavoidable circumstances, then you should at least give him a ring to let him know what you are into.
  • Bring some cash. In the past, it was expected that the man should foot the bill for every date. Since we are in modern world and everything is becoming pretty different, this aspect also changes. In most cases, the one who asks the date should pay. Just be prepared in cases like this. If you aren’t sure who is going to shoulder the expenses, it is much better to have some cash in your wallet.
  • Dress appropriately. Your appearance matters but don’t overdo your makeup plus you have to check your clothes-from top to bottom. Is your outfit appropriate for the time and place? You also have to pay attention to your footwear. Do not just wear anything that you see in there.
  • Don’t be flashy. While you may be trying to impress your date, you should avoid being too flashy or expensive. Showing off your pieces of jewelry is not good.
  • Watch your words. Be careful with the way you talk and watch the words coming from your mouth. Think before you say something to your date. This attitude magnets someone.
  • Location. As much as possible, first dates should be in a public place. Don’t agree to go a man’s house. It’s very risky.

Show your decency and manners as a woman to your date. But don’t forget to be yourself and show the real you.




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