Cures for a Nagging Wife

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nagging wifeOne factor that really affects a marriage or any relationship is the kind of woman you have. If you have a nagging wife, it causes troubles in your marriage. It affects your concentration at work and your life in general. It also creates a gap between you and your partner. When you have a nagging wife, you have the feeling that your house is not a safe place for you and that you cannot have peace of mind when you are home. A nagging wife truly creates a headache.

If you want to know if there is anything that you could do to minimize what your wife does, the answer is “Yes.” There are tips and instructions for you to be able to cure a nagging wife. Let’s take a look at the following cures for a nagging wife and get rid of the problem.

  • One of the short-term solutions is being sweet to her. You need to be romantic to divert her attention and to make her feel how sweet you are. Leave her short notes telling how much you love her.
  • Try to ignore her when she nags. If you take it so seriously and you will entertain everything she says, the more that you will ignite her anger.
  • Do your part as a husband. Help her with household chores or simply do small things like putting your shoes on the right rack and so on. Most of the time, men keep pointing out their fingers to women. The blame is always put on women. They don’t realize that they neglect their duties.
  • Don’t focus on defending yourself and pointing out to her shortcomings. This will cause a bigger conflict.
  • Don’t call her a nag because that will worsen the situation. If you used to call her this name it may be time to stop.
  • When she nags, tell her it makes her look bad. Tell her that she should calm down and that you will listen to her.

Comply with your wife’s demands and you will be able to minimize your problem with your wife. Once she sees that you do what is expected of you, she will refrain from nagging. This is one way to prevent her from nagging.




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Date: June 2, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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