Creative Ways to Say I Love You

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creative ways to say i love youLetting your partner know how much you love him/ her is essential to make a relationship grow. You should not forget to say the three magical words plus accompany your words with actions. There are actually many ways to make your partner feel that you love him/ her. You can challenge your creativity to tell that you love him/ her. You can even say it without words but actions. You can get ideas from the following list:

  • Use rose petals in forming the magic words. You can do this in your bedroom, particularly on your bed. This is very romantic when it is accompanied by scented candles. The candles will make the ambience even lovelier.
  • Write the words on the sand. You can do this when you are at the beach and you just want to have some fun under the sun. Use your finger in writing down your emotion. Do this while your partner is not around and surprise him// her.
  • Be poetic. Challenge the poet in you by composing a poem or a letter that expresses your great love and care for your partner. You can hide it somewhere where your sweetheart could notice a romantic surprise it. This will be a romantic surprise for your partner.
  • Bake a cake. Decorate the cake with your sweet words. By doing so you will be able to satisfy his tummy and heart at the same time.
  • Make a card. If you are artistic, design a beautiful card and write down all the things that you want your partner to know.
  • Make a video. Let technology help you make your partner feel your love. Make a video that includes a compilation of your photos together plus your own messages to your sweetheart.

It is always worth the effort. Your effort will not be wasted but will be treasured much. It always feels good to express your love and affection.




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