Coping with an Infatuation

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Infatuation is an admiration that you feel toward the opposite sex. You have an intense feeling toward the person that you cannot help but move closer to him or her. You simply make the person your inspiration to go on with your life. It is actually fine to have this kind of feeling if it does not irritate the person. There are circumstances wherein the person you are infatuated with doesn’t feel the same way. The feeling is not mutual which makes it one-sided. When the person becomes uncomfortable having you around, then it is a sign that he or she doesn’t like you. If you are on this situation and you feel like there’s no hope for you then you must learn some tips on coping with an infatuation.

  • Know your limitations. When you keep in mind that you need to respect the person, you will not have any problems about your infatuation. There’s nothing wrong with it. The way you handle it makes it complicated.
  • Make the person an inspiration. Let your admiration with the person inspire you.
  • Divert your attention. When you are preoccupied with something else, your mind doesn’t have the time to wander. You are safe in this case. Don’t think of the person much. Get rid of thoughts about him or her.
  • Keep distance. Stay away from the person. Avoid going to places where you often see the person.
  • Show respect. Do not try to get things that you want. Don’t try to manipulate situations just for you to have the person by your side. Do not plot schemes.

Your infatuation with the person is a normal thing. You just need to handle it well so you won’t end up annoying the person.




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