Cool Topics to Talk about with a Guy

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woman is talking to a guyFor you to be able to catch the attention of a guy while you are in a conversation, there’s a need for you to bring up interesting topics to talk about. If you have interesting topics to talk about, you can stay away from boredom plus you get to keep the attention of the guy you are interested with. Check the following great and cool topics to talk about with a guy.

  • Gadgets. Undoubtedly, most men are into gadgets. They love electronic gadgets. If you notice, most of them want to have the latest cool gadgets in town like new phone, computer, and others. If there’s a gadget that you are familiar with, then you can use it as a good conversation starter.
  • Adventures. You can talk about experiences in life but don’t go into details. As much as possible, initiate topics that are related to adventures and excitement. You can share your own experiences and let him do the same thing. However, avoid dealing with very serious and emotional ones.
  • Movies. Talk about good films that you have seen. Focus on the ones that fascinate him. Most men are into genres like thriller, action, comedy, animation, adventure, and documentary.
  • Animals and plants. Share some fun facts about an animal or plant that you like. You can also talk about pets. Give him time to talk.
  • Current events. Men like to be updated with what is happening. Talk about some hot topics. It’s best if you let him open up a topic that he wants to discuss with you.

These are the list of topics that you can talk about with a guy. Avoid topics that may lead you to arguments because it will ruin your whole conversation.




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Date: June 17, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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