Consequences of Teenage Sex

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Teenage Sex ConsequencesAdolescence is the most crucial stage of life. In this stage, there are a lot of challenges in the various aspects of life. Teenagers are also very curious about many things. They want to try almost everything without thinking first. Most of the time, they end up sorry. Little do they know that in every action, there are consequences or ramifications that they have to face. One of the things that teens try nowadays is sex.

Teenage sex is very rampant. Teenage boys and girls are very curious about the thing. For some, trying this leaves them a huge impact in their lives. What are the effects of teenage sex? Check the following list of consequences of teenage sex:

  • Teenage pregnancy. Many youngsters get pregnant and they are not even emotionally, physically, and financially ready.
  • Abortion. Sex that resulted to unwanted pregnancy often leads to abortion. They are confused and they don’t know how to handle the situation and they opt to abort the baby. This thing causes trauma to a teenage mom, especially when there’s no moral support from the boyfriend and parents.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Teen sex increases the risk of acquiring STDs, especially when they have sex with multiple partners. Many teens suffer from diseases including AIDS.
  • Emotional trauma. Some teens, specifically teenage girls feel that they are physically and emotionally abused by their partner. There are also experiences in bed that are shocking to them.

These consequences or effects of teenage sex are really serious. Parents and teachers need to protect teenagers from suffering the aforementioned effects. Sex education is very much needed. For teenagers, don’t be too aggressive and impulsive because not everything you want to try is good for you. Use your mind and think over and over again before you do anything.




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