Common Small Mistakes in Marriage

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mistakes in marriageThey say that even small things can create big disasters. They should not be ignored especially for small mistakes in a marriage. These mistakes could lead to big marriage problems between the husband and wife. Hence, once small mistakes are created or committed, you should pay attention to them and try to do something to make up for what you may have done.

Let’s talk about some of the common small mistakes committed by a husband or wife. Read the following:

  • Lack of sensitivity: As a husband or wife, you need to be sensitive of your spouse’s feelings to make your relationship grow stronger and happier. If you love your spouse, you’ll be delicate about how he/she feels when you do or say something. Consider your spouse in everything you do.
  • Lack of respect: Love is not enough to nurture a relationship. You need to have some respect for your spouse. If you are the wife, respect the authority of your husband. Don’t make any decisions without even consulting him. This is also true for the husband. Don’t abuse your superiority.
  • Dishonesty: They say that there are things that you have to keep for yourself but you should not keep secrets from your spouse. Treat your partner as your best friend and tell everything to him/ her. Don’t try to cover up things for whatever reasons you have because once your partner finds it out, he/ she would think you are being dishonest.
  • Lack of passion: Sexual intimacy is one of the spices in a marriage. You need to be passionate when making love to your partner. Don’t be lazy with it. The mistake of some couples is that they become cold over time, especially after having kids.
  • Acting to be right all the time: You can never be right all the time. You aren’t perfect. You also commit mistakes. Don’t put all the blame to your spouse. Admit it when you know that you made a mistake. Learn how to apologize.
  • Being annoying: Don’t be irritating to your spouse. Be the source of happiness instead.
  • Being hot tempered: Everybody gets angry but you need to control your anger. Learn how to manage your anger so that you can avoid saying hurtful things.

Upon realizing that you are guilty of committing some of the things listed above, you need to do something to make it up to your spouse before it’s too late. Apologize and try not to make the same mistakes for you to keep your marriage happy. Love each other everyday as you promised on your wedding day. Keep your vows to each other and create a happy home with your children.




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Date: April 28, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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