Common Fights between Couples

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the fighting coupleGetting married comes with great responsibilities and problems. Actually even those who are not married suffer from problems. Every typical relationship has its own share of burden. It is during tough times that the love shared between every couple is tested. As a matter of fact, challenges and problems serve as a tool to strengthen a relationship. But what are the common fights between couples or partners? Check the following list:

  • Money Problem. It is so sad but money can create problems. It can cause conflict when couples do not agree on how to spend their money. Another issue is on the amount of money to be saved.
  • Household chores. Division of labor can also cause conflicts. If the couple cannot settle their duties and responsibilities when it comes to chores, then most likely, they will end up fighting. But who should do the cooking and the laundry when both are working outside home?
  • Sex. This thing causes a fight when one feels a lack of physical intimacy. It could also cause conflict when one demands it more frequently. It also becomes an issue when one feels that the other doesn’t initiate the contact at all.
  • Communication. The key to a healthy relationship is through an effective communication. If this is absent in a relationship, issues can arise. If you find it hard to communicate your needs to your partner, that can also create conflict because you may explode if you cannot express what you feel in a nice way.
  • Compatibility issues. Men and women have different lifestyles. There are times when couples find it hard to settle these differences, hence, conflict arises.

A typical family really faces difficult times no matter how you try to make things run smoothly. Whatever issues you face, you must not allow them to consume your relationship.




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Date: June 17, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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