Christian Dating Etiquette

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christian dating etiquetteDating as a Christian requires some etiquette. Christians adhere to the principles and doctrines written in the bible. They don’t go on a date just like any other people. They have the belief that following the words of God written in the bible is more important than anything else. They don’t do anything that is against the doctrines and even if they do, they would feel guilty about doing the act. Have a look at the following Christian dating etiquette.

  • Date only your Christian brethren. Christians should only date Christians. You are not allowed to be romantically connected to people outside the church that you belong to. You have the restriction and you should not go beyond it. As the bible says, believers cannot be together with nonbelievers.
  • If you are really interested with a nonbeliever, you should try your best to take him/ her to your church services. Let him/ her listen to the doctrines/ principles that you believe in. Convince the person to join your church. If he/ she is also serious about you, he/ she will convert.
  • Show respect to your parents. Ask permission from your parents. They should know what you are up to. You should also ask the blessing of the person you date with.
  • Observe modest clothes. As a Christian, you have to dress like one. Avoid wearing revealing clothes.
  • Observe clean living. You should avoid engaging in premarital sex. If you cannot control yourselves, you should marry first.

Show the people around you that you are different from them. You should also be honest with each other all the time. These things will keep you from the rest.




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Date: May 1, 2013 | Category: Dating Tips
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