Challenges of Dating an Older Man

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challenges on dating an older manDating an older person has its advantages and disadvantages. While you may have a great chance of having a mature or grown-up relationship, you may also face different challenges with this kind of dating. It is actually pretty challenging because you are from different generation and maturity levels so more or less you do have different ways to handle things. There’s a need for you to take extra caution. Check the following challenges of dating an older man.

  • Settling differences. Since you are of different generations and tastes, you will find it hard to find agreement in things that concern your relationship. You may experience differences in music, movies, and other interests. Your differences could even lead to troubles and conflicts.
  • An older man may not allow you to join activities that you enjoy. Since he doesn’t enjoy the things that you enjoy, you might find your relationship suffocating. He may also have the tendency to just stay at home and would refuse to go out with you. This may cause you to feel bored with the relationship.
  • Your viewpoint on having kids. The older man may feel the need to have a child which doesn’t sound good to you since you are young and you are still enjoying your life. This is another challenge that you have to face in this kind of relationship.
  • He may have insecurity issues. When he has insecurities because of his age, he may tend to stop you from doing the usual things that you do. His jealousy could suffocate you, making your relationship unhealthy.
  • He may also view you as a daughter or you may view him as a father figure. Your relationship could end up like a father-daughter relationship which is not healthy since it should be a romantic relationship.

These are just some of the challenges that you have to face when you opt to date an older man. If you are ready with these, then go on with what you like. However, if you aren’t prepared for these things, I would advise that you refrain from trying.




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Date: February 23, 2012 | Category: Dating Tips
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