Causes and Cures of Jealousy

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causes and cures for jealousyIt is natural for people to feel jealous. You aren’t human if you have never this. It only turns abnormal or unhealthy when it is too much. Being overly jealous can be harmful. It can affect your relationship with your partner and the other people around you. Thus, it needs to be taken care of so that it will not create issues in a relationship. If your partner is overly jealous, you might want to make yourself understand what jealousy is all about, its causes, and its cures.

What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is the feeling of being threatened when someone gets close to your partner. You have the fear that you might lose your partner whenever he/ she is not with you. You feel tormented and harmed thinking that the thing/ person you want or own is wanted by someone. When you are jealous, you envy the other person. A simple jealousy may also lead to anger when it gets chronic.

What Causes Jealousy?

Most people get jealous out of insecurity. They have the so-called inferiority complex. This causes them to have low self-esteem. They feel that they cannot compete with others and if they try to compete they will never win. Having this kind of feeling may also be caused by status in the society. If you don’t belong to the circle of famous and rich people in the society, this may also contribute to insecurity leading to jealousy. Jealousy could also be caused by past experiences. There are experiences that could affect the way people see themselves.

Cures of Jealousy

It may be treated with the following:

  • Don’t see other persons as your rival. Life isn’t about competing against each other.
  • Have high self-esteem. Don’t belittle yourself. Believe in yourself. Reach down inside. Improve your self-image.
  • Try to turn jealousy into admiration. Fight what you feel.
  • Seek reassurance. Trust in your partner when he/ she says that you are the only one.

It might be difficult at first but you will soon realize that life is healthier and happier when you don’t have this kind of feeling within you.




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