When you are madly in love with your girlfriend, you sometimes fail to see changes in your partner. You don’t realize that she is already unhappy with you. You don’t realize that she is obviously showing you indicators that she is losing interest in you because you are too blind to see them. Don’t try […]


Breaking up with your girlfriend is not an easy task, more so if you really love the person. Breaking up with her would mean breaking your own heart. It’s hard to let go of someone you really love and you dream of growing old with. However, there are instances where in you have no choice […]


Romantic relationships are hard to maintain, more so if it’s a long-distance relationship. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and strength to make it work. If these ingredients are not present, the relationship will fall apart. It’s not really easy to be into a long distance relationship. Love is not enough to make it […]


Boredom sometimes becomes the problem of long-term relationships. Couples who are into long-term relationships experience this problem. Everything seems to be monotonous. There’s no longer fun. Boredom is a nightmare for couples. Once it strikes them, the relationship is at risk. Hence, boredom should be avoided in a relationship. But what causes boredom? When a […]


They say that it takes two to tango and that’s totally true especially in romantic relationships. To have a healthy relationship, the couple needs to do something. A happy relationship is built by two people in love with each other. It can’t be healthy if only one is working it out. It should be done […]


To make your girlfriend stay with you, there’s a need for you to make her happy. Some men think that it is hard to make girls happy but it’s not true. You can make girls happy just by doing simple things. You don’t need to be rich to make your girlfriend happy. You just have […]


Relationships do fail when the lovers don’t know how to deal with problems and challenges. Moving on after a break up isn’t easy. You cannot do it in a day. Moving on after a broken relationship is a process with no definite procedure or formula. There’s no one to help you but yourself. Although some […]


Men and women are very different from each other. They differ in many things like the way they express their emotions and thoughts. That’s why they sometimes find it hard to understand each other sometimes. Sometimes women make mistakes with men without realizing them. Try to avoid common mistakes women make with boys. Pay attention […]


Telling a guy you love him can be really awkward if you are not into a relationship. If you are a woman and you do the first move to get closer to a man, you can’t help but feel humiliated. However, modern girls can do it without feeling embarrassed. But how do you show a […]


Saying I love you to your partner is not enough to keep the relationship going. To nurture the love you have for each other means to do something. The things you do for your special someone serve as constant reminders on how much you love the person. Showing you care for your partner is a […]