A happy marriage needs collaborative effort.  The husband and wife need to work hand in hand so that they can meet the demands of marriage. They need to do their parts to make the relationship fulfilling. To have a good foundation, both need to have the essential characteristics. There are specific roles for the couples. […]


After an argument, making up with your partner can get pretty difficult. Neither of the couple wants to ask for apology. Both are waiting for the one who has the courage to fix things out.  Sometimes even if you were at fault, you don’t want to swallow your pride and ask for an apology. Now, […]


Break ups can happen to relationships anytime. When a break up happens, it leaves broken hearts. It leaves painful experiences. Fortunately, there are always chances to fix a broken love or relationship. However, not all relationships deserve a second chance. If you think your relationship deserves another chance to make it work then it would […]


When you love someone, you want to keep the person with you for the rest of your life. In order for you to keep that someone, you’ve got to give reasons for that person to stay with you. One of the best reasons to make someone stay should be love. If you are dying to […]


Most relationships have beautiful and magical beginning but unfortunately they do have terrible end. Being in a relationship is great because you are loved and you are the most special person in the life of your partner. Relationships are hard to keep if you are not strong enough to face challenges and things that can […]


The problem with some relationships is that their partner is insecure with many things. Insecurity is characterized by low self-esteem, high sensitivity to jealousy, extreme sensitivity to judgment, and low confidence or false confidence. A person who is insecure is really hard to deal with because the person finds it difficult to trust anyone. The […]


Happy relationships do have secrets. Aside from the love they have for each other, they also share the things that they both love. They enjoy their hobbies or couples activities together. This makes their relationship even healthier and happier. Hobbies enhance your communication with your partner. Hobbies also give you the chance to spend quality […]


One of the hardest things in life is finding the perfect spouse. We do set our standards but most of the time we get the opposite. Truly, life is ironic. However, although it is pretty difficult to find the perfect husband or wife, you can increase your chances of meeting the right spouse by following […]


In order for a relationship to grow deeper, there’s a need for you to strengthen it. You need to feel a good connection with your partner. Your connection starts with being in love. Love is a wonderful thing when you share it with someone who deserves it. In order for the love to grow stronger, […]


Women are a lot more sensitive compared to men. They get hurt with words that you tell them even if you don’t really mean to hurt them. There are really things men say to women that are offensive to women. Before you even say something, think about it first. What are some things that men […]