When does a relationship become suffocating? When does it become unhealthy? It is when you don’t want to give your partner some space to enjoy. If you behave in an overly dependent manner, you are oppressing and suppressing the freedom of your boyfriend/ girlfriend. It isn’t bad to spend time with your partner and to […]


It is but natural for couples to fight and argue over things. Arguing is a part of ever relationship. This cannot be avoided but can be minimized. More often than not, women start an argument/ fight although there are also instances where in men start it. A fight often begins when there is confrontation about […]


A successful marriage is like your favourite plant in the garden. You take good care of it and you protect it from harmful elements. To keep it healthy, you need to fertilize and nurture it. You nourish it with water, sunlight and fertilizer. Sometimes, you need to spray pesticides to protect it from harm. That’s […]


It’s a fact that there are arguments and fights in every normal relationship. They cannot be avoided. Many times, they result to breakups when they are unresolved. On the other hand, a breakup can be avoided if you know how to handle the situation. One way that you can do to avoid a breakup is […]


Most of the time, girlfriends do not want to admit that they are at fault, thus, they find it hard to apologize to their boyfriends. After a fight, they usually wait for their boyfriend to go to them and say sorry. Little did they know that saying sorry actually feels good. It lessens the burden […]


Intimacy is a part of any romantic relationship. It actually keeps the spark in a relationship. It generates the flame of love. Once intimacy is gone, the relationship can be in danger. Whenever an issue about intimacy arises, it should be given an immediate action so that it will be solved. It will prevent the […]


They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. In some cases, this is really true. But most of the time absence makes the heart grow weaker. How many relationships have been broken because of the distance and absence that separate the couples? They are countless. This problem is suffered by those who are into […]


One of the hardest things to do is getting started. Starting a relationship is even more difficult, more so if you plan to shift friendship to a romantic relationship. It becomes a complicated thing. Usually, men do initiate a relationship when they feel attracted to someone. That’s why we have the so-called courtship where in […]


Fights, arguments, and conflicts are a part of every normal relationship. A relationship without any of these doesn’t sound realistic and normal. More often than not, even simple fights could lead to a breakup. That’s the sad part of fighting. But the good part is that they can be fixed. Most of the time, broken […]


A strong relationship is likened to a building with a strong foundation. It can stand the tests of time that even the strongest typhoon cannot break it. That’s how enduring it is. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to keep a relationship strong. Love should be there along with other virtues and essential qualities. To prevent […]