People say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It may be true in some cases but most of the time it makes the heart grow weaker, especially with a long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are one of the hardest things to manage. Individuals who are into this kind of relationship are facing many challenges. One […]


In relationships, there’s a need to exert effort to have a strong bond. For you to be able to make your relationship strong and happy, you need to aim to be a better partner. This will increase your chance to have a long-term relationship because once you make your partner feel loved and well taken […]


Having a happy and healthy life is a matter of balancing things. You can have many things you love at the same time without sacrificing anything. It takes a good time management to have balance. If you fail to manage your time well, you end up losing one or two. Being into a relationship and […]


Commitment is not just a decision of an individual. It needs to be a mutual agreement of two hearts with one goal, that is, to be together for a long time. When you decide to be in a serious relationship, you need to put your heart in it. There should be no doubts in your […]


Although there have been happy stories about long-distance relationships, most relationships of this kind still do not work and succeed. There are numerous reasons why this type of relationship almost doesn’t work at all. On the other hand, we commend those who manage to survive the challenges that they have to take. Let’s open our […]


A part of a boyfriend’s job is to cheer your girlfriend up when she feels sad and depressed.  Her mood actually affects yours as well. If you don’t want to ruin your day together, cheer her up and lighten the mood. What are things to say to make her feel better? Help her get rid […]


Loving someone takes you to heaven and hell. You experience pleasures, felicity and at the same time you also experience pain and sorrow. Being cheated on will surely bring excruciating pain in your heart. Finding out that the person you love and treasure betrayed you by having an affair with somebody is truly heartbreaking. Moving […]


When we say housewife we create a picture of a woman who is very loving, responsible, sweet, thoughtful, diligent, devoted, and many other positive adjectives that anyone can think of. Unfortunately, not all housewives live up to these characteristics. There are those who cannot even fulfil their basic duties and responsibilities as a wife and […]


Many couples have been separated because of issues that could have been settled if there was a chance. Sad to say, some couples are very impulsive in making decisions. They make decisions when they feel angry. As a consequence, they come up with decisions that they would later regret. A divorce or separation is not […]


Cuddling is a part of an intimate relationship. It is a great way of expressing your love to the person you love. It also establishes a closer connection between couples because of the hormone called oxytocin or cuddling hormone. This is the positive side of cuddling. Cuddling should not only be done to initiate something […]