There are many single women who feel frustrated about their status. They don’t understand why they have to be single when they can have men in their life. The problem of some single ladies is that they scare men away even if they are doing nothing. This feeling of being not able to find a […]


Fights are normal in every relationship. There are fights related to compatibility. Your relationship isn’t healthy if don’t fight. This proves that you are humans. You commit mistakes because you aren’t perfect. Fights are also signs that you care for your partner and your relationship because you are aware that there is something wrong. On […]


Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling. You don’t always get to meet someone who can capture your interest. It’s a very rare experience for some people. It becomes even more wonderful when your love is reciprocated. You get love in return. When the feeling is mutual, you start to build dreams together and […]


Divorce may be a relief for couples who can no longer fix their marriage but most divorcees have feelings of rejection after a divorce. It also causes other painful emotions like anger, grief, and confusion. This is particularly true for parties who did not really want to end up a marriage with a divorce or […]


Dealing with confrontation can be pretty difficult. It’s not easy facing someone while you are being accused of and you are into defending yourself. You are wrapped with mixed feelings and you just don’t know how to react on every word thrown into you. You like to cry but you hold back your tears for […]


Moving on after a painful breakup isn’t easy. You have to go through stages and phases before you can finally cope with it. Healing a broken heart takes time. You cannot do it in just a few days.  Moving on is actually a process. Here are the stages you go through during a breakup. Shock […]


One of the nicest experiences in the life of a man or a woman is dating and then later on, being into a relationship. But these two things can also give devastating experiences. It’s hard to keep a relationship and maintain the love you share with your partner. Being unaware of the facts about dating […]


When you are attached in a relationship, you know and you feel when there’s something wrong with it. Your partner many not talk it out but you can sense weird things. You just know by heart that it’s in trouble. You try to save it but there are times when you cannot jut keep it […]


Everyone commits mistakes. At one point or another, we all mess up. This goes to show that we aren’t perfect. As they say, “To err is human.” Our mistakes make us human. This is the reason why there is a second chance. There is always a second chance but not everyone always deserves it.  There […]


Relationships are here to complete our life. They are a part of healthy living actually. The thing is, there is no perfect relationship. Individuals become happy in a relationship because they find satisfaction and not perfection. If you look for a perfect relationship, you will never find one. Relationships can just add meaning to our […]