Everyone is given the chance to correct the mistakes made but not everyone deserves a second chance. Relationships also have second chances. There are those that failed the first time around but succeeded after giving it another try. A breakup doesn’t mean that it is the end of everything. You can still get back together […]


It’s a fact of life that problems, conflicts, and challenges are inevitable. What you can do is you can minimize them and try to control their effect or impact on your life. One good way to minimize problems in a relationship is by building it through a good and strong foundation. When you have a […]


Saying goodbye to a relationship or to someone is never an easy thing. It is one of the most difficult things in the world. Breakups are always painful especially if you are deeply attached with the relationship. This is even more painful for people who have been in a long-term relationship. It is pretty hard […]


A marriage is not an exception when it comes to problems. It actually has a lot of trials and challenges that a couple needs to face and go through. These are used to test the love that a couple share with each other. Unfortunately, not all couples are that strong to handle problems. There are […]


Trust is essential in every relationship. If you trust each other, there’s a greater possibility of having a better relationship. If you have faith in your partner shows that you love him/ her and that you feel secured or safe.  On the other hand, having trust problems can really cause arguments or conflicts between couples. […]


A marriage is a very sacred thing for Christians. It is given a high regard and believers really respect the sanctity of marriage. This sacred union between a man and a woman who are bound to love each other is now in great danger. There are practices in the modern times that disrespect this thing. […]


Arguments are a part of a normal life. They make our life even more meaningful. One way or another, you will encounter someone who may have beliefs or perspectives that aren’t the same as yours. Having opposing views in life could lead to arguments. These are even present in a romantic relationship. Couples do fight […]


There is nothing wrong having faith in yourself. In fact, it is good that you believe in yourself and your abilities. If you are confident enough, you can do everything to perform whatever task is assigned to you. However, your confidence could also lead to danger if you can’t handle it well. If you let […]


Once you are in a good and loving romantic relationship, you would feel it. If you think you belong to a great relationship, then consider yourself lucky. Not everyone gets the chance to meet someone who would make him/ her feel loved. Not every relationship can make you feel good and contented. What are the […]


Dating with a man who is very attached to his mom is pretty difficult. A man who has a very strong relationship with his mother values his mom very much to the extent that he follows almost everything that his mother tells him. He also tends to consult him whenever he needs to make decision. […]