The sad fact of life is that there’s no guarantee that we will be always be happy in our relationship. Things may seem to be perfect but at some point some flaws will come out. Sooner or later problems will arise. One of the common issues is one may become unfaithful and commit infidelity. Someone […]


Life is full of imperfections. We can never have a problem-free life. Problems are really everywhere. You can meet them at home, at work, and in your relationship. They are actually here for a purpose and it is not to make your life miserable but to bring out the best in you. When they arise […]


When you get married, you also get married to the person’s whole family. They also become a part of your life. This means that you have to deal with other people besides your spouse. This is particularly true if you decide to live with your parents or your spouse’s parents. It would mean that you […]


Stress is everywhere. It is in your home, relationship, and workplace. When it strikes your relationship, you get so affected. It can even lead you to a painful breakup if you can’t manage it well. It is actually necessary to know how to handle stress well in order to avoid complicating the situation. Before bigger […]


It is true that nobody is an island. We all need company in order to have a healthy life. At some point in our life we need to seek help from other people. We need pieces of advice for us to be enlightened when we are in trouble or confusion. When it comes to romantic […]


When you have a healthy romantic relationship, your life in general becomes healthy as well. It becomes a reflection of the kind of relationship you are into. You become more productive when you are happy. You can deal with others better when you are satisfied with the kind of relationship you have. You even affect […]


Every relationship has its high and low. It has its own share of happiness and sorrow. Couples cannot escape from this fact. At some point, the couples have to face challenges that would put their love into test. When you enter a relationship, you don’t immediately experience hard times. The early days of the relationship […]


When a relationship is boring, there is a great tendency that it will not last long. The couples will soon get tired with the routine and monotony. This usually happens with long-term relationships. Couples with feel bored with each other over time.  It is important to have a variation and avoid sticking to a usual […]


Trust is one of the essential elements of a relationship.  When trust is present, the relationship has harmony. Couples are at peace when they know that they can trust each other. They don’t have to worry when their partner is not around because they have learned to trust each other. On the other hand, once […]


Being in a relationship is difficult. You have to be good in handling problems and issues so you can survive and keep the relationship despite the odds. You need to have a sense of commitment, responsibility, and many more so you can maintain your relationship. Your boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is actually a preparation for a serious […]