In most cases, when problems arise in a marriage they think of divorce as the only solution. This is so sad because a marriage is a scared union. Hence, it is not supposed to be broken. When problems arise, they should be faced and solved. Running away from them is not the solution.  A divorce […]


It’s very painful when you discover that the person you love the most is cheating on you.  Truly, the person who makes you happy the most will be the same person who will hurt you the most. This is so sad but it is actually a fact of life. You love and get hurt. You […]


Having a difficult husband is a great challenge. It takes a very wide room for patience and understanding. This can affect a marriage. If a wife gets tired of dealing with this kind of husband, the marriage will be at risk. Being into this kind of situation is really hard. You cannot just leave him […]


Every relationship has its own problems. One of the most common among problems, especially in a marriage is financial problems.  Sad to say, money is sometimes the root cause of a divorce.  Money is indeed the root of all evil. Don’t let this happen to you relationship. Don’t ever let money destroy your family. How […]


Fights, arguments, and conflicts do happen in a relationship. These are spices of a normal relationship. They are inevitable. The problem is that some couples do not know how to handle such things when they occur. Hence, some couples end up having a huge fight or worse, break up. Don’t let this happen to you. […]


The pain brought by infidelity is really unbearable and it is hard to forget. Infidelity is already enough to leave your spouse. It is actually one of the common reasons of a broken home. However, as they say there are always second chances. After cheating on your spouse, here you are looking for some ways […]


They say that even small things can create big disasters. They should not be ignored especially for small mistakes in a marriage. These mistakes could lead to big marriage problems between the husband and wife. Hence, once small mistakes are created or committed, you should pay attention to them and try to do something to […]


One of the hardest things in life is finding the perfect spouse. We do set our standards but most of the time we get the opposite. Truly, life is ironic. However, although it is pretty difficult to find the perfect husband or wife, you can increase your chances of meeting the right spouse by following […]


The good thing about being into a relationship is that you always feel when something is wrong with it. If your spouse is cheating on you, you can sense it. Most of the time, your instinct is correct. However, you can’t always rely on what you feel. But then again, you cannot just ignore what […]


Marriage is not supposed to be broken. It is a sacred union of two people who made their vows to love each other until their last breath. The couple tied by marriage is supposed to love each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and for better or worse. They are supposed […]