Most societies find an arranged marriage impractical. But in some, it is acceptable because it is the norm. Actually, this kind of marriage has been practiced long time ago. For those who disapprove this kind of marriage, they have a lot of reasons why they don’t like the idea at all. They also have a […]


As early as the first stage of dating, you can see if the woman you are dating with is clingy, jealous, or demanding. You can sense it the way she deals with you. Of course, it’s just fine with you. However, when you married her it became too much. It is no longer healthy and […]


Having a bisexual husband gives a feeling of betrayal to the part of the wife. It isn’t easy being into the situation. When you married the man, you were so confident that you got the right man. But as years pass by, the true color of the man you married is starting to be revealed. […]


Infidelity is one of the many reasons why many relationships fail. It is an unforgiveable act in a marriage. Many marriages have been wrecked because of adultery although there are a few cases wherein a relationship can still be fixed after cheating. But the better thing to do is to prevent it before it ruins […]


Losing someone you love the most is a very throbbing experience for anyone. It is devastating and terrible. It gives unbearable pain. It is hard to accept and face. The loss of a wife/ husband truly causes depression. Many people find it hard to move on after the death of their partner. They don’t know […]


Getting married comes with great responsibilities and problems. Actually even those who are not married suffer from problems. Every typical relationship has its own share of burden. It is during tough times that the love shared between every couple is tested. As a matter of fact, challenges and problems serve as a tool to strengthen […]


Finding out that the person you love the most is cheating on you is actually a depressing situation. It is one of the situations in which you really can’t help but feel devastated. You ask yourself if there’s something wrong with you. When you are in this situation you sometimes find yourself so weak that […]


When something is wrong with your marriage, you feel it. When something is wrong with your spouse, you also feel it. You may not find it right away but eventually you will discover it. But can you also immediately tell that your marriage is becoming unhappy? What are the signs of an unhappy marriage? We […]


Although we believe that marriage is a sacred union, there are cases where in it is no longer working no matter how people try to fix it. There are instances that make you realize that it’s much better for you to decide to have a legal separation/ divorce. It is so sad but there is […]


One factor that really affects a marriage or any relationship is the kind of woman you have. If you have a nagging wife, it causes troubles in your marriage. It affects your concentration at work and your life in general. It also creates a gap between you and your partner. When you have a nagging […]