We regard marriage as an institution. People who get married have hopes in their heart that the relationship will last for long. Unfortunately, not all people who hope for a good marriage get what they hope for. It is just so sad that some marriages break down when they are supposed to be a lifetime […]


Adultery is one of the leading reasons why many marriages break down. It is widespread. It is an act that is almost unforgiveable because it is a very apparent violation of marriage vows. Once it is committed by one of the couple, it will slowly ruin the relationship and the family built by two people […]


After you have been discovered by your spouse that you are having an illicit affair, you find yourself so guilty and desperate. Your heart is just full of deep remorse because of what you have done to your other half. You are in a marriage and you are supposed to be loyal and faithful to […]


Deciding to get married means you are committing yourself to a person you opt to marry. This is a serious decision that you make in your life. It’s a lifetime commitment. You cannot just quit when things go wrong. You have vows to keep. Before you get married, you need to think about it first. […]


When you just got married with your partner, consider yourself new to a new kind of world. Getting married is a big decision that you make in your life. It isn’t a game that you play ordinarily. You need to play it well because you cannot quit it anytime you feel like giving up. Marriage […]


It can be frustrating and really annoying when there’s no peace at home. It isn’t healthy for the married couple as well as the kids. As the head of the family, it is necessary that you keep your home a good place to live in. Do not let it become an annoying and frustrating place. […]


Interracial marriages and relationships do face a lot of challenges and problems although they have become accepted by the society. This is becoming even more popular due to online dating sites. Many couples meet each other online. Online dating services are a tool that leads to interracial relationships. Through these, people from all walks of […]


Infidelity in a relationship, particularly in a marriage is a very serious thing. It needs to be discussed between the couple. Adultery can lead to broken homes and broken hearts. It is important to be aware of the signs of a cheating husband or wife as early as possible so that the relationship can still […]


Being married with a possessive man is really a challenge. You are into an unhealthy relationship because your every action is being watched and you don’t have the freedom to do what you wish to do. It is very suffocating in the sense that he always wants you by his side. A possessive husband often […]


Imagine a life without any chance to be heard. Try to imagine a life in which everything you think isn’t right. You are always wrong. Isn’t it horrible? Isn’t it frustrating? What about if the person that makes you feel this way is your spouse? That would be even more frustrating and challenging. It’s like […]