Married couples often experience problems like compatibility issues, financial matters, responsibilities, infidelity, and a lot more. Among these marital problems, infidelity is one of the major reasons why couples get a divorce. Many homes have been broken because of cheating. Cheating doesn’t only break a heart but it can also wreck a home. It is […]


Marriages are supposed to be long-lasting. They are to be kept for a long time. The Holy Bible actually says that it is only death that could break a marriage. Married couples are not supposed to separate. They are not supposed to get a divorce. Unfortunately, the modern society is not giving so much respect […]


The first months or years of marriages are often glamorous.  Young couples are still in bliss of the new experience; although there are instances in which they find themselves adjusting to a different kind of world. But then again, as the relationship gets older, different problems could occur. There are actually several factors that contribute […]


Marriages aren’t free from problems or difficulties. At one point married couples will face so many difficulties. There are many factors that cause various problems to test the strength of a relationship. When these problems occur, couples are really challenged. Their love for each other is put into test. Difficulties can really cause stress that […]


One of the reasons why people get married is to have kids. Having children can actually give a sense of fulfillment. Children can make life even more meaningful. They are precious gems of couples. They are the source of happiness of a family. Having children can really have huge effects on the life of a […]


Everything happens for a reason. A person acts out of something. In a relationship, all the things that happen within have their roots. Cheating, for instance, has its roots. It is done because there are things that trigger it. It does not happen as an accident. When your partner is avoiding you or becoming cold, […]


Marriage is a serious commitment. This is the reason why when you decide to get married you should be mature enough to handle serious matters. When you aren’t emotionally and physically prepared to marry, you better back off. While we cannot say that people who marry early won’t have a good marriage, the risk of […]


Do you feel that your wife is acting indifferently lately? Do her actions make you feel like something is going on behind you? If you have the feeling that your wife is cheating on you, you might want to confirm your doubts and suspicions first before you confront her. I know it’s a hard thing […]


Dealing with a possessive man in your life is quite difficult. You experience headaches and tortures that can drive you crazy. Possessiveness is associated with jealousy. A person becomes possessive when he/ she feels jealous. It may also be a result of insecurity. A possessive man has the tendency to monitor the things you do […]


Robert Frost said that “Nothing gold can stay”. No matter how beautiful things may seem, there will come a time when they will reach a point of darkness. For instance, marriages start with good hopes in the hearts of couples. But not all marriages with good start will last. At one point or another, there […]