There are stories behind every marriage. Behind every happy relationship are tests and challenges. Even before a couple settles down, they already experience different sorts of problems. These are actually present to put the relationship to test. The good thing is that many couples are able to surpass all forms of tests that they go […]


It is already common for people from different races to fall in love with each other. The cultural differences are no longer a hindrance to make a relationship become successful. Many couples who are into the so-called interracial marriage have met online. After meeting each other personally, they decide right away to pursue the relationship […]


It is never right to be romantically attached with a married man. No matter how you try to justify it, it will never be right. It is a terrible idea. You become an accomplice to a crime which is breaking a home. More often than not, you will never win over the situation. You will […]


We live in a world beset by a lot of sufferings and problems. This is the reason why it takes a great effort to keep a marriage healthy and strong despite the various challenges that a couple needs to face. It is already given that married couples will not be free from problems and fights. […]


When you feel that there’s something wrong in your relationship, the first thought that comes into your mind is to step out of it. Stepping out of a relationship is a big decision that you make. It is not easy to take it back once you have said it. That is why you have to […]


Having arguments in a marriage or any relationship is a natural thing. Occurrence of arguments may be occasional or frequent. Married couples have their own share of ups and downs, burdens, and dilemmas. However, there are times when fights can get so frequent to the extent that the stability of marriage is already weakened. When […]


Wedding bells are music to the ears. They signify merriment and togetherness. They bring joy to our hearts and tears of joy to our eyes. They are simply beautiful sound that everybody would love to listen to. The irony is that they don’t always signify long-lasting happiness. Some weddings become colorful and successful; others end […]


Divorce is never an easy thing. It is actually traumatic for some people who have hoped to have a good married life. Unfortunately, not all marriages and relationships last for a long time. There are certain factors that can affect the way couples deal with each other. Challenges and issues that come along their way […]


Conflicts and quarrels are part of a normal relationship. They exist to test the love that couples share. Disagreements exist to test the ability of couples to compromise. But too much fight and disagreement can actually destroy a relationship. It is not healthy to have a lot of fights. Married couples should spend their time […]


Every relationship has its ups and downs. No matter what you do, problems will be there to test the strength of your relationship. This is especially true in marriage.  Since they are already there and there’s no way you could escape from them, you can make a difference in the way you deal with them. […]