A big number of married men do commit adultery. Infidelity is very common among married couples. This fact is so sad because infidelity often wrecks a beautiful home. There have been countless stories about broken homes and marriages. These sad stories often cause youngsters to go astray. They waste their lives because they feel they […]


For you to be able to catch the attention of a guy while you are in a conversation, there’s a need for you to bring up interesting topics to talk about. If you have interesting topics to talk about, you can stay away from boredom plus you get to keep the attention of the guy […]


When dating with a busy person, the major challenge that you have to take is time. You find it hard to have time to spend with the person you like/ love.  Time will create the gap between the two of you and eventually will lead you to deeper issues. So you are into dating a […]


There are some women who prefer dating with older men. Actually there are several reasons why they do. Some women do have the same reasons; others have various reasons. But whatever reasons they have, there are at common reasons that they share. We will be talking about those reasons to date an older man. Truly, […]


Dating gives various experiences to people. There are wonderful experiences and there are also terrible experiences. For those who have experienced the latter, they find dating traumatic. This is the reason why they get scared to date again. They are afraid to get hurt and be rejected. This feeling affects socialization which isn’t healthy. Dating […]


Dating is such a wonderful experience when you do it with someone you are interested in. It gives you the opportunity to get to know different kinds of people. Dating does not only add colors to your life but it also helps you understand yourself better. First dates are usually crucial. They make you worry. […]


Some people hate rules. They want to do things the way you want them to be done. However, there are cases wherein you have to abide by the rules. If you want to make your date a success, you’ve got to learn some ways or rules on how to make it. There is a set […]


Nowadays, women can also the things that men do. We have equal rights and we should enjoy them. But there are some instances where in women think twice before even doing some things that men normally do like asking someone to go out on a date. A decent man would normally ask a girl out […]


Indian women like any other Asian women are attractive in their own ways. Many men, even from the West find them fascinating. The color of their skin and their aura make them pretty unique. Their beauty is simply fascinating. Deciding to try dating with an Indian woman when you are not an Indian man can […]


Some men can feel lost when trying to have intimate relationship with shy girls because they find it difficult to approach them. Shy women are somewhat unpredictable. You cannot really tell what they are thinking of. Your interest to a shy woman makes you wonder on hoe to bring a shy girl out of her […]