While dating is a fun and exciting experience for some, it could also be a boring experience for others. When does a date become boring? It gets boring when the person you are dating with is so silent and doesn’t have any interesting topics to talk about. When a person is so stiff, tendencies are […]


Going on a blind date could be an exciting experience for anyone. What makes it fun and exciting is that you have no idea on what kind of person your date is. You might know some things about the person but not so comprehensive. More often than not, you also don’t know how the person […]


Being stood up is such a humiliating experience, more so if you are new in the world of dating. It can even be a traumatic experience for you. It makes you feel bad about yourself. You would end up wondering if there’s something wrong with you. When you are stood up by your date, it […]


Although a friend is someone who is close to you and he/ she has the same interests as yours, you cannot assure yourself that you can shift your friendship into a different kind of relationship like romance. There are times when friends cannot be lovers for some reason. There are also cases in which one […]


When you are dating with a domineering woman, tendencies are you will find yourself suffering from headaches. Generally, domineering women are difficult to deal with. They keep on insisting what they want and they are not open to suggestions. These are some of their characteristics that make them hard to deal with. She will not […]


First dates are exciting dates. These are the dates that are usually worth remembering. You would always look back to a first date that gave you a memorable experience. On the other hand, there are also dates that are traumatic. There are those who have experienced being abused right on first dates. Women, in particular, […]


Going on a date could really make you feel nervous and shy, especially when you are dating for the first time. You experience butterflies in your stomach. You also tend to become shy and nervous at the same time. When you are nervous, tendencies are you will not enjoy your date and you might also […]


First dates are crucial but they also give great excitement. Once you leave bad impressions on a first date, chances are you’re not going to get another date with the same person. On one hand, once you impress someone right on a first date, there’s a great possibility that you will have more dates. It […]


Understanding the process of dating and relationship is important for everyone to be guided. Establishing a romantic relationship becomes better and healthier when there’s enough knowledge about the phases you go through before you move on from one level to another. Check the following stages of dating and learn to run your relationship smoothly. Excitement. […]


Planning a date is not an easy task especially when you have not tried it before. It makes you feel nervous and excited at the same time. You feel nervous because you are not pretty sure if you can meet the expectations of your date and you are not even sure if you are doing […]